Learn How To Get Fit, Improve Your Health, & Love The Process!
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What If I Could Show You How to Eat At All Your Favorite Restaurants and Still Lose Fat?
What Ms. Fit is All About
We want to eliminate all the confusion around what "healthy eating" should look like. Finally, understand the EXACT foods you should be eating to see results.

Learn the best exercise to do in order to lose wait and get lean and toned. We take all of the guess workout. Now you can walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. 

We want to push you to be the best version of you in all areas of your life. Which is why we emphasis mindset. Your mindset is crucial to you knowing that you can achieve your goals and you actually carrying them out successfully!
 What People Are Saying:
"...No matter how my day is going, I know that I will end it on a positive and powerful note with her plan!"
Lara’s 10 Week Challenge has kicked my butt in the best way! The workouts are straightforward and can be easily modified to fit your goals and skill level. If you need more of a burn you can easily add more weight or increase your reps. I also don’t feel intimidated by the exercises which has increased my confidence in the gym setting! No matter how my day is going I know that I will end it on a positive and powerful note with her plan!
Kayla - Veterinary Student
"... Thanks Lara, you took the guess work out of everything"

Absolutely love her restaurant companion guide "Order This, Avoid That" for healthy dining out, she has researched and reviewed 100 popular eateries and has come up with healthy and smart choices, I will definitely be saving this ebook to my "favorites". Thanks Lara you took the guess work out of everything, follow MS. FIT. 
Karen - Nurse Aide
"...I could not be happier with the results"

Almost finished the workout plan Lara put together for me and I could not be happier with the results. It was really easy for me to get in the rhythm of specific workouts, which made me feel extremely confident in the gym. From fitness to nutrition for not only your body, but your mind - Lara is your girl!!! Can’t wait to share my results!
Caskia - Concierge
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