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3 Tricks to Weight Loss That Have NOTHING to do with Dieting!⁣⁣

“Diet” can be a dirty word. When most people think about losing weight and dieting, the common themes are small portions, diet versions of foods, off-limits desserts and feelings of misery and guilt. But shedding pounds doesn’t have to be all about restrictions. In fact, there’s plenty you can add to your life to support weight loss, including filling foods, simple fitness tweaks, and more movement throughout the day. Here are 3 tricks to make your weight-loss journey easier and more enjoyable, without a restrictive diet:⁣⁣


1. Make a List of Motivations⁣⁣

Using the scale as your only motivator can be disappointing at times, as we don’t always lose weight as fast as we hope to. To keep your weight-loss motivation going strong, create a list of reasons why you want to lose weight, like being healthy for your family and boosting your stamina to do something you’ve never done before. “When the going gets tough and you reach a weight-loss plateau (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), having a list of what set you out on this journey, to begin with, will help you breakthrough.

2. Create A Weekly Meal Plan⁣⁣

One of the biggest reasons people fail to stick to their healthy eating plan is that they are not prepared. Set aside a designated time each week to create a meal plan. ⁣⁣


3. Increase Your NEAT⁣⁣

NEAT (aka non-exercise activity thermogenesis) activities encompass everything you’re doing when you’re not eating, sleeping or sweating it out at the gym. Think: taking the stairs, playing with your kids (or fur babies), cleaning the house, raking the leaves. — every step counts. ⁣⁣


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