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Cardio vs Weightlifting

I’ve always been interested in fitness and exercise and for the longest time I believed the only way to stay fit was to do cardio. I would run miles and miles every day but never really gained much muscle. I use to be really scared to venture out into the gym because I thought people were staring at me or judging the way I looked or how I performed an exercise.

But once I realized that all these crazy things going through my mind weren’t true I was able to be more confident in myself and started hitting the weights.

Cardio is a great way to sweat, lose fat, and build up your endurance. And if you love to run then more power to you! BUT, when it comes to making lean muscle gains, it definitely lacks in that department.

If you are looking to start building your muscles and get more defined glutes, hammies/quads, and arms (which is what most women are after… that hourglass physique) try incorporating a variety of weight lifting exercises into your next workout. Don’t be afraid of adding weight as long as you are maintaining good form. You will, with CONSISTENCY, start to see results and get that toned look you've been looking for!

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