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Tips To Handle Holiday Meals

Happy Easter friends! I know today may be one of the most unconventional Easter Sundays you've ever experienced but for those you you stuck at home with family you may still be looking forward to your big family holiday meal!

So, today I'm going to equip you with what you need to know so that you can still enjoy all the goodies and NOT regret it the day after!

If you have a big family or come from a background where eating and sharing food is like love to your family there can be a lot of temptation.

So it's all about:

1. Know What You're Going Into &

2. Owning Your Choices Tip #1 First thing to do before the day even starts is to recognize your triggers. So what makes you overeat? -Being stressed out? -Being emotional? -Family pushing food on you? - A certain food that you just love and can't stop eating? Remember, everything in moderation. Portion out your foods and be aware/ mindful about what you're putting in your mouth. Tip #2 Don't make it about food, make it about memories and people. Step away from stressing about the food for the day and focus on the memories because that's what matters. Tip #3 MAKE YOUR GAME PLAN. This is the biggest thing. Whether you eat Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, what I want you to do is to make sure you have a decent-sized breakfast Don't skip meals! Why? Because you may potentially binge and overeat later. We don't want to set you up for failure and I don't want you to be starving going into a meal. So have a good-sized breakfast with around 5g fat, 20-30g carbs, and at least 20g protein. This will help with satiety and keep you feeling full. Meals Snacking Snack on veggies with salsa or a healthy dip. If you are going to eat chips, enjoy a few chips but keep it to a normal-sized portion (so just a handful of chips). Remember just having carbs will cause a sugar spike than crash leaving you even hungry than before. So try to pair a snack with a protein source. Tackling the BIG Holiday Meal Use The One Plate Method! Take one big plate and fill it with 1/2 vegetables (steamed preferable but casserole veggies work too) 1/4 lean protein (white meats) 1/4 whatever else you enjoy the most Try to not go back for seconds. Think about how you normally eat. One huge plate of food is plenty and probably more than your average meal on a normal day. Dessert Stick to a normal-sized portion of dessert. What's a normal-sized portion? -Cake: 1 inch by 1 inch -Pie: half of a half slice of pie Enjoy two portions. So you could eat a piece of cake + a portion of pie, 2 different slices of pie, 1 whole slice of pie. I want you to enjoy the foods that you love but it's all about portion control. So portion yourself out a normal serving size. And remember, food is always going to be there. For example, sugar cookies are always going to be there. If there are sugar cookies on the table you don't have to eat them... you can always make sugar cookies at any point. Don't feel like you have to try/ eat everything on the table. Be smart.

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