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Your Guide To Building A Booty

Building your glutes takes time people!

Here are some of my own progress photos below. These pictures were taken one year apart. The left was before I trained my glutes when all I did was cardio while the picture on the right is when I started to really focus on building my glutes.

Here are the big factors to focus on when developing your glutes

  1. Glute Activation

  2. Go HEAVY

  3. You Have To Eat To Grow

So let's dive into each factor.

1. Glute Activation

An interesting factor I learned about booties when I first started out training was that even though our glutes are the strongest muscles in our body... they are one of the laziness. And by lazy, I mean that they well let other nearby muscles take the grunt work before they awake from hibernation

So how do we get our glutes to wake up and actually start working? GLUTE ACTIVATION.

Unless you are actively recruiting your gluteal muscles to perform tasks, they have no reason to turn on. So we need to get that booty firing on lower body days in order to build that peach!⁣

Glute activation means doing certain bodyweight or band exercises that specifically target the glutes to get them fired up and ready to work.

The more you activate and recruit your glutes, the stronger and more powerful they belcome= a bigger booty!⁣

So here's what I recommend.

⁣On your next lower body day, pick 3 or 4 exercises from the list below and do 15 reps/side before jumping into your lower body workout. While you are performing them, focus on the mind to muscle connection and take your time. You’ll feel the burn pretty fast which will tell you that your glutes are primed to put in some solid work!⁣

My favorite glute activation exercises:

  • Banded clams

  • Banded Glute Bridge

  • Frog Pumps

  • Fire Hydrant

  • Donkey Kick

  • Banded Monster Walks

  • Banded Kick Backs

  • Side-lying leg lifts


Like I already mentioned, your glutes are one of the strongest muscles in your body. This means that you'll need to use heavyweight in order to develop the booty. Think of it as a super buff dude with big biceps. Do you think that he used 10-pound weights to grow his biceps or was he pushing himself with heavy weights to grow bigger and stronger arms? It is def the latter. The same goes for your glutes. The only way to build them is to go heavy!

Just doing body-weight or band exercises won't cut it. Those are great to lift and get a perkier butt, BUTT (da-dum-ch) they won't give you a bigger peach. You have to use weights to grow that booty.

Programming glute focused weight lifting exercises into your lower body days is what you need. Here are some of my favorite glute focused exercises:

  • Barbell Hip Thrust (scientifically proven to be the best glute building exercise)

  • Smith Machine Hip Thrust (scientifically proven to be the best glute building exercise)

  • Standing Glute Push Back

  • Glute Focused Leg Press

  • Back Squats

  • Sumo Squats

  • Deadlift

  • Hip Abductions

As you incorporate these exercises into your workouts continue to push yourself by either increasing the weight you are using or the number of reps. As long as you are progressing on a weekly bases that means your glutes are growing in strength and in size. WHOOP WHOOP!

3. You Have To Eat To Grow

In order to build muscle you need to be eating (said with hands clapping.) Too often I see girls under-eating, working out like crazy, and expecting to get a big booty but that is not how it works babe. To grow muscle you need to be eating enough food. This is very individualized and to figure out what you should be eating, how many calories, and what your macro break down needs to be, it is best to work with a coach. You can book your free coaching consultation call HERE.

Like I said at the beginning, growing your glutes takes time and consistency. You may not notice a lot of difference from week to week but if you take progress photos I promise you will start to see that booty growing over the next couple of moths. Have patience, do your glute activations, go heavy on your lifts, and EAT!

Happy Booty Building!


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